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Our Mission

The mission of the Southeastern Center for Emerging Biologic Threats (SECEBT) is to combat the threat of emerging and reemerging biologic agents through a regional collaborative partnership. The expertise of university, public health, governmental and private sector Partners is leveraged to use current knowledge, conduct needed research, develop effective communication and enhance education and preparedness in order to support the struggle against biologic threats.


SECEBT’s objectives are to:

  1. Build regional partnerships that combine broad-based academic medical research, diverse clinical expertise and experience in disease eradication and prevention.
  2. Develop and enhance new and existing county, state, federal and global collaborations with university Partners in order to combat emerging infectious diseases by leveraging academic and public health expertise and unique research facilities.
  3. Develop new means of detecting, treating and preventing biologic threats, whether purposefully caused, as from terrorism, or from naturally-occurring causes.
  4. Use medical and community education to enhance awareness at both the individual and community level.
  5. Elevate the regional communications systems for rapidly addressing ongoing and potential biologic threats, should they arise.

Operating Principles

SECEBT has established an administrative body that:

  1. Supports its mission and objectives. The SECEBT administrative body does not exist to perform research or to serve as a governing body over the Partners and collaborators.
  2. Actively seeks SECBET Partners and collaborators who bring an appropriate range and depth of expertise, experiences and facilities that will help meet the Center’s objectives.
  3. Develops through forums, meetings and Partner discussions, positions and strategies to address emerging biologic threats.
  4. Emphasizes efforts to combat emerging threats of importance to the Southeast.
  5. Serves all Center Partners in an equitable manner.
  6. Provides a central clearing house to facilitate the exchange of Partner and collaborator information necessary to achieve the Center’s mission.
  7. Presents a central focus for representing the interests of the SECEBT Partners to external parties.
  8. Supports the procurement of funds for research in emerging biologic threats through identification of funding opportunities, dissemination of information, and facilitation of collaborations.