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SECEBT Overview

Launched in Fall, 2002, with the generous support of the Woodruff Foundation, the Southeastern Center for Emerging Biologic Threats (SECEBT) is an active regional partnership of universities, public health agencies, affiliates and foundations dedicated to combating biologic threats with increasing potential for harm.

SECEBT’s proactive agenda is driven by immediate and critical public health threats, whether purposefully caused, as from terrorism, or from naturally occurring causes. Through research grants, communication, and educational programs the partnership develops new means of detecting, treating and preventing biologic threats, and increases awareness at the individual and community level.

SECEBT Partners include internationally recognized leaders in disease eradication and prevention. Areas of Partner expertise range from state-of-the-art immunology related to emerging biologic agents and infectious pathogens to outcomes research, risk assessment, public health policy development, and antibiotic resistence research. Partnership resources include access to biosafety level 3 and 4 labs, world-renowned vaccine centers, extensive trauma facilities, leading animal research facilities, and cutting-edge immunology laboratories.

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